Monday 2/26/18


1) Muscle up and Pull up Drills! 

Scaled: 4x:30on/:30off bar hangs
4x10 ring rows (pulling as low as possible. hands
stay parallel to each other, and as close together as possible.)

RX: 4x :30 false grip ring hangs
5x3 Strict false grip ring to chest

2) Overhead Squat (5x3)

With a :03 pause at the bottom of each squat.

3) "Nancy"

5 Rounds for time of:  
400m Run  
15 Overhead Squats, 95# / 65#


Open Throwdown (1).png

Come out tomorrow between 9am and 11am and conquer the first workout in the 2018 CrossFit Open!

Don't forget the big 18.1 Throw Down Showdown is at 9:30am between Clay and Haley aka "Claley"! Cheer them on, then get your workout on!

When everyone has finished competing, we are heading over to the Carolina Coffee Shop for brunch! Looking forward to competing in this year's Open with you all. IT HAS BEGUN!!!! 

CrossFit Open 18.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
8 toes-to-bars (scaled hanging knee raises)
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks
14/12 cal. row

Men use 50-lb. dumbbell (Scaled: 35-lb) 

Women use 35-lb dumbbell (Scaled: 20-lb) 




HAPPY MONDAY aaaaaand happy first week of the Open!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH. 

AWESOME job to everyone for kicking butt on our last strength cycle. Ya'll really stepped it up a notch, which was made very apparent with all those PRs last week. LET'S KEEP IT GOING!

Today begins our new strength and skill cycle! Here's what it's going to look like:

Mondays - SKILL: STRICT muscle up and pull up work, then we'll move into transitions/kipping mu's. LIFT: Overhead squats. (Clay is super excited about this one ;-) )

Tuesdays -  SKILL: Double Unders. LIFT: Deadlifts

Wednesdays - SKILL: Ring Dips. LIFT: Split Jerks

Thursdays - SKILL/LIFT: Chin ups and weighted chin ups. Squat accessory work - weighted lunges, step ups, cossack squats. 

Friday - Foundations Friday and Strong Person Friday. 

Saturday - Open workouts. 

Sunday - Continuing our strong and flexy workouts with CrossFit followed by ROMWOD. 

And now for your Monday WOD: 

1) Muscle-up work

Scaled: 3x:30 bar hangs
3x10 ring rows (pulling as low as possible. hands
stay parallel to each other, and as close together as possible.)

RX: 3x :30 false grip ring hangs
3x5 Strict false grip pull up (pulling as low as possible. hands
stay parallel to each other, and as close together as possible.)

2) Overhead Squat 5x5 (emphasis on technique NOT on 5rm)

3) 5 Rounds:
:20 Row for max cals
:40 Rest
:30 Burpees for max reps
:30 Rest

Friday 2/9/18


1) Handstand Push ups 

12 Reps, Rest 1:10
11 Reps, Rest 1:00
10 Reps, Rest :50
9 Reps, Rest :40
8 Reps, Rest :30
7 Reps
Scaled: elevated pushups or hardest progression
Rx+: Strict HSPU

2) 4 Rounds:
600m Run
4 Stone to hips into
:20 static hold w/ stone at belly (only after last rep)

**Scale to 30# WB - 4 wb over shoulder then :30 hold.

3) Extra Work (if time) 

3 rounds:
:45 on/:15 off
Toe taps on wb
Russian twists w/ wb

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