Thursday 12/6/18


1) Teams of 2:
3 kb swings, 3 box jump overs, 3 goblet squats
6 kb swings, 6 box jump overs, 6 goblet squats
9 kb swings, 9 box jump overs, 9 goblet squats
12/12/12, 15/15/15, etc

KB 53/35
Bx Jump overs 24/20

Teammates alternate full rounds. Partner 1 completes 3/3/3, then Partner 2 completes 3/3/3.
Partner 1 completes 6/6/6, then Partner 2 completes 6/6/6, etc. Continue going up by 3's each
round until 20 minute cap.

2) Cash Out!  

Tabata 4 rounds (2 min)
L Side Plank
Tabata 4 rounds (2 min)
R Side Plank
Tabata 2 rounds (1 min)
L Side Plank Hip Taps
Tabata 2 rounds (1 min)
R Side Plank Hip Taps

Sunday 12/2/18


1) Start at about 50-60% effort (not 1rm) and start to climb! We're only looking for a heavy single today on the 1 reps, but if you are feeling good you can go for the max effort. Your goal is no failed lifts today.

EMOM x 3min
3 power snatch
EMOM x 3min
2 power snatch
EMOM x 3min
1 power snatch
immediately into:
EMOM x 3min
3 power cleans
EMOM x 3min
2 power cleans
EMOM x 3 min
1 power clean

*Score is heaviest 1 rep snatch and 1 rep clean combined.

2) ROMWOD!  

Holiday Travel WODS!


Don't let the holidays ruin your progress! For those of us traveling these next couple of weeks, staying consistent with workouts can be tough. While we should enjoy an extra rest day or two (treat yo self), making sure we're moving around and still getting some workouts in is going to make getting back to the gym after the holidays that much easier.

If you’re out of town and have some time, find a box to drop in to. It's always super fun seeing other gyms and how they do things, meeting their members, maybe playing with some equipment we don't have, and most importantly getting a cool new shirt. If you're not near a CrossFit gym, go find a regular gym for a quick workout. And if you can't get to a regular gym, at home workouts can be super easy and effective.

Keep your goals in mind and do the best you can while you're away! Here are a few travel workouts to try with equipment if you can find a gym, OR without equipment if you can't. 

1) AMRAP 6:

15 cal row

15 push ups

2) 30-20-10

Devil Press

Lateral burpees over db

3) 1 mile run 

100 air squats

75 sit ups

50 jumping lunges

25 push ups

1 mile run

4) 20 min:


Single leg RDL (each leg)


Jump squats

5) 4 rounds:

25 devil presses

25 russian twists

6) Every minute on the minute for 15:

5 burpees

5 jump squats
5 hollow rocks

7) 1 mile run

*Every minute stop and do 12 lunges per leg

8) 27-21-15-9

Dumbbell hang squat clean

Dips or Push ups

9) 4 rounds: 

200m run

12 Dumbbell deadlift

8 DB push press

:40 plank

*rest 1 minute btwn rounds*

10) 8 rounds: 

:30 handstand hold 

10 air squats