Meet Jason

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Jason’s main athletic pursuit growing up and throughout high school was basketball. In college, he moved to longer, more endurance-focused activities like mountain biking, road cycling, and running half and full distance marathons. After moving to Oregon for graduate school, Jason began running ultra distance mountain races. He developed a strong aerobic engine, but began to feel bored with just running.

Upon moving back to North Carolina in 2015, a few friends who were CrossFit trainers convinced Jason to try some workouts. He immediately noticed the sense of community and camaraderie that everyone talks about with CrossFit. Many of the movements (handstands, jumping rope, bar and ring work, even burpees!) felt like play. As a bonus, in just one hour, he found he could work on mobility, strength and get humbled in a workout. Besides this, he’s enjoyed the way CrossFit’s functional movements help him move through life more easily. He loves the balance of friendly competition, community, and support in the box and is very excited to be among the many knowledgeable coaches at CrossFit Chapel Hill. When he’s not coaching or working out at CFCH, you can find him working on mental health in his therapy practice, drinking coffee, reading, and hanging out with his wife, Blaine, and daughter, Ruby.