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We are the CrossFit gym in the Chapel Hill that appeals to those searching for both competition and community. People seek us out because they want to see changes and improvements and become the strongest and most confident version of themselves. Our programming is thoughtful, progressive, and accessible to all skill levels, ranging from novice to competitive. We believe in embracing the gut-busting punch of a brutal metcon while also thoughtfully planning long-term progression. People want to get a good workout, but they also want to get better. As coaches, we work to help every individual become better. We take our own classes, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We constantly seek feedback from our members to let us know how we are doing. While we are competitive, we continue to build and strengthen our community. People come to our gym to find their people.


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"CrossFit Chapel Hill is one of the best decisions I've made. I always wanted a more intense workout routine but was a little nervous by the CrossFit name (it's not a cult, I promise). After joining I remember thinking "holy shit these people are strong"..and then it became "holy shit I am kind of maybe a little strong too." CFCH is an amazing group of people who have truly become family. I never thought I would find such an awesome group of people to workout with while becoming a better athlete. The coaches are truly phenomenal! They know you as an athlete but more importantly as a person. Furthermore they really cater to your specific fitness goals and needs which is something I really value as a student. I couldn't imagine working out with a better group of athletes!" -April, CFCH Member


"I joined CF Chapel Hill in the Fall of 2016 at the start of my graduate program and it's become a sort of home for me over the past two years. Compared to other CF boxes in the area, I've found CF Chapel Hill to easily be the best value in regards to facility, class offerings, and price. Beyond becoming stronger and more fit than I've ever been, the community of members and incredible coaches (Morgan, Mike, Haley, Cameron, and Chase) have become like a family to me. It's my favorite hour of my day and a "secret of success" that helps me in all facets of life. Regardless of your fitness level (literally from "I've never been in a gym" to CF Regionals athlete), CF Chapel Hill will help you reach your fitness goals while exposing you to an amazing community that extends far beyond the workouts." - Clay, CFCH Member


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"Truly transforms you into the person you want to be. Couldn't imagine fitness any way else with anyone else." - Danielle, CFCH Member


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