Saturday Squad WOD! 10/20/18


Stop by CrossFit RTP today to watch Coach Hayden, Josh, Matt, Danielle, Erin & Emily as they compete in the Triangle Invitational! Let's go show them some love and cheer them on all the way to the podium! 

1) W/ a partner:
2 rounds:
80/60 cal bike (70 mixed pair) OR 110/80 cal row (95 mixed pair)
80 weighted walking lunges (dbs or kbs) (35/26)
60 burpees
40 power cleans (135/95)
20 muscle ups (scale: 20 pullups +20 dips/pushups)
**3:00 rest btwn rounds**



Cheers to Part 2 of testing week! We’ll be finishing our 1 rep maxes on Monday and Tuesday, then heading into a de-load for the rest of the week until our new cycle begins next Monday. It was pretty dang amazing to watch everyone PR-ing last week. We had people increasing their split jerks by 5-25lbs, their cleans by 5-10lbs, and :30-2:00 shaved off on the 2 mile times. Let’s keep the momentum going and hit some high numbers Monday and Tuesday!

1) Snatch 1rm

2) 6 Rounds:
5 hspus
10 ohs (95/65)
10 c2b pull ups
20 du's
15/12 cal bike or 20/15 cal row

**16 min cap**

Saturday Squad WOD! 10/13/18


REMINDER! Classes today are at 8:30am/9:30am/10:30am. 10:30am is our FREE community WOD, so come out, bring all your buds, and try a class with us!

1) 5 sets:
8 DB pullovers
5-8 strict chinups

2) Partner WOD!
4 deadlifts (135/95)
4 power cleans (135/95)
4 front squats (135/95)
4 push jerks (135/95)
max cal row
**Partner 1 does AMRAP while Partner 2 rows. Switch as needed**
*Score is total # of reps, with each cal counting as an additional rep



It’s the best time of the cycle - ONE REP MAX WEEK! Time to see how much we’ve improved on our skills and lifts after working so hard these past 6 weeks. This time we’ll be doing it a little differently and splitting up our max out days between this week AND next. We’ve had quite a few heavy lifts this past cycle so we want to make sure everyone is feeling fresh before hitting each new max. This week we will be testing our split jerk, squat clean and (the crowd favorite) 2 mile run. Next week will be our deadlift and snatch. So rest up, fuel up, then come kick some ass this week and next!

And now for your Monday WOD:

1) Split Jerk


2) “Fran” (aka another crowd favorite)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#  

Saturday Squad WOD! 10/6/18


Reminder: This is the last week for 9am and 10am classes. Next week we switch to 8:30am/9:30am/10:30am!

1) 4 sets:
8/8 Renegade Rows
8/8 Single arm kb or db bench press

2) With a partner:
For time:
120 cal row (scaled: 100) (if numbers are large can have 3 pairs start on bike then swap)
120 push ups (scaled: 80)
60 weighted step overs (53/35) on 24/20" box
60 push jerks (same KBs)
120 cal assault bike (scaled: 100) (row if you biked first)