Monday 1/8/17


BOOT CAMP IS BACK, and it starts today! Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6am and 6pm (you can attend whichever class works best for your schedule that day). Just $50 for your first month!

ALSOOOO - Last day to get $75 off your first month of CrossFit. Get it while it's hot! 


Today is the first day of our new cycle! We had a video explaining our thinking behind the Open prep cycle, but it hasn't been working. Sooooooooo we'll try again tomorrow. For now, here's a quick rundown of our weekly movements:

Monday - Barbell cycling (more snatching and shoulder to OH)

Tuesday - Back Squats. Important foundation for any strength program.

Wednesday - Toes to Bar and Push Press

Thursday - Heavy cleans

Friday - Strong Man AND Handstand work

Saturday - Bulgarian split squats and ring dips

Open Prep is getting real now (barf) (just kidding, we love CrossFit). 

And now for your Monday WOD: 

1) Barbell Cycling

EMOM 10:
5 Hang power snatches @ 40-50% of 1rm

Rest 2:00

Death by EMOM (add 1 rep until you can no longer complete):
Power clean and jerk @ 40-50% of 1rm
*10 min cap*

2) 3 Rounds:

60 DU
30/21 Cal Row
15 Burpees