February Athlete of the Month...



Pranav joined the CFCH community a couple months back and has been a regular at the gym since (though he was a Boot Camp member with us at the old, old gym a couple years back). After a long day of work, he gets into the gym and gets sh*t done. We are super impressed with how hard he works when he's here and with how much he is improving, which is why we have named him February's AOM! Thanks for all you do, Pranav! Keep kicking booty! 


We asked Pranav a few questions about himself, and this is what he had to say:

1) What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? (And/or what else do you do for fitness besides CrossFit presently?)

I love sports and being outdoors! Badminton and Soccer are the other activities I try to do on a regular basis.

2) What do you spend most of your time doing outside of the gym?

(Sit - type - teach) -> repeat...not very exciting but I think I have reached that stage of graduate school :/ If not this, I am planning my next road trip or annoying my friends/roommates or cooking or playing badminton!

3) Tell us something about yourself we may not know.

 I crack the lamest of jokes

4) What got you started in CrossFit?

 I think it was one of my friends, while having dinner we were like - let's get strong! and we spontaneously signed up for bootcamp at CFCH. The bootcamp was addictive. Unfortunately, as soon as the bootcamp ended I had a freak injury (NOT due to bootcamp) and I was out for more than 18 months, recovering and getting functional again. As soon as I thought my body was ready, I dropped in for a trial class at CFCH and after 60 min my CrossFit journey officially started!

5) What's your biggest accomplishment at CFCH so far?

Finishing the hero workout and staying alive to tell the tale. Getting the hang of double unders and toes to bar. 

6) What's your biggest non-fitness accomplishment?

There are quite a few - 

          CrossFit has been the reason why I have actually started waking up at 8 am on weekends! Trust me this is a big deal, I wouldn't have left bed before 9 or 10 otherwise!
          Self confidence and a positive, more cheerful outlook is definitely one of the other changes that I have seen. After every workout, the sense of accomplishment trickles down to other parts of my daily routine and it  has had a positive impact in everything else that I do...whether it is work or even the basic household chores!

7) What fitness goal are you currently chasing?

haha...Beach bod obviously! :P Just kidding...I have seen my fitness level go down after a recent injury and I am just working towards becoming more functional and gaining strength. I think my goal right now is to get better at the technique for each movement and build towards hitting RX (so that one day even I can select RX when I enter my scores! :D)

8) What life goal are you currently chasing?

 I have been chasing this for quite sometime now - PhD in Biology...yes, PhD takes a while!

9) What is your favorite CrossFit movement of workout?

Anything that does not involve a barbell ;) (I think people at the gym know why!). Wall balls, rowing and KB swings are a few which I think just come naturally. If I have to choose one with barbell, then it would be deadlifts - I am like...look at me lifting such heavy weights! 

10) What movement/workout makes you cringe to see on the board?

Right now it's definitely snatches. I am always scared that I will loose balance and drop the barbell or fall backwards with it! But the coaches have really helped me improve my technique and form and I am sure I will soon have a smile on my face looking at a WOD with snatches in the near future!

11) What's your favorite thing about CFCH?

For me there are two - first is definitely the community, Crossfit involves so many varied and complex movements that I feel at times I will be stuck at the scaled version and not get to the actual movement. But the coaches and members have been such a great support system, keeping me motivated all the time and helping me push and try movements/weights that I would definitely doubt myself with. I keep referring to the 60 min class as my 'Happy Hour' of the day! CFCH definitely pumps you up for the rest of the day! :)
Second is the WOD, everyday there is a different movement which gets different sets of muscles involved...this has certainly developed more body awareness and target areas which will make you more functional as an athlete.

12) What long term plans do you have in the realm of health and fitness?

 I haven't really thought about this...I think for starters just be in better shape than I was the previous month/year.

13) What or who is an inspiration to you?

Fitness wise it is my dad, he has always been active and fit and pushed me to do the same. I am working on having a hand wrestling and push up competition with my dad soon :D
I think the other big inspiration has been the CFCH community, just looking at the coaches and members push themselves during every WOD makes me push through those last few reps or cals when my body is not cooperating and just wants to take it easy. 

14) Which band/station/playlist is your favorite to really get you pumped up at the gym?

DO NOT judge me on this! Everything from Ariana Grande to Eminem to Metal is there on my playlist. As long as the tempo matches the workout, I am good.