Happy New Cycle Monday! We're finally getting back into our programming routine, so here is what you can expect to see for the next few weeks:

Mondays - Overhead Squats + Midline Work

Tuesdays - Muscle Ups/Pull Ups + Longer conditioning metcons

Wednesdays - Snatch Drills and Snatches

Thursdays - Front Squats with some gymnastics work thrown in! 

Fridays - Strong Person Fridays

Saturdays - 3 weeks of bench/BB row, 3 weeks dips/weighted chins

Sundays - Goat Work and ROMWOD


And now for your Monday WOD:

1) Overhead Squat -

Take 2-3 attempts to find 10rm

2) For time:
50/35 Bike or Row for cals
1 lap weighted lunges (50/35)
35/25 bike or row
1 lap weighted lunges
20/15 bike or row

3) Cash Out!  

3 Sets:

:20 L-Sit
3 wall walks

Morgan Farris