NEW CYCLE MONDAY + Upcoming Events!

Woop Woop! It's New Cycle Monday!

Take a look at the video here for a brief description on our plan for this new cycle. 

Also! We have a few events coming up in the next couple of weeks:

This Saturday, July 14th is our very first Nutrition Seminar! Have questions on what to eat, how to track, and what the heck is the Keto diet and why is everyone talking about it?? Coach Mike, Nutrition Epidemiology PhD student at UNC, will be here to answer all your questions on these and other current nutrition topics. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Free for all members and $10 for all non members. 

Sunday, July 22 at 9am, Tammy Kenney will be guiding us through another yoga class! The class will be another active recovery/stretch and flow/much needed class for all us tight and non flexible CrossFitters (talking about myself). It's the perfect way to start your Sunday, and get your body prepped for the week ahead! It's $8 per person for all members and non members.

Looking forward to the next few weeks and another great cycle with you all!