DELOAD WEEK - Monday 8/20/18


After our heavy lifting last week (and the last cycle) we are going to switch things up this week and go for a deload. We are focusing more on conditioning which should help our bodies recover from the heavy lifts and be fresh for our new cycle starting next week. In place of the heavy lifts, we will be doing skill work like double unders, toes to bar, and muscle ups. 

1) DU practice (If you need to work on du's do this instead of mu drills)

Alt EMOM 6

Min 1: 30 Power jumps

Min 2: 30 Double tap drill (no rope)

Rest 1:00 (after EMOM)

Then 3 min of du attempts

OR: Muscle Up Drills (Only do these if you have consistent du's)

Alt EMOM 6

Min 1: 5 Box Transition Drill

Min 2: 3 small, 3 medium, 3 big ring kip swings

Rest 1:00 (after EMOM)

Then 3 min ring mu attempts

ADVANCED: EOMOM 10 2-5 strict mu's

2) 20 min amrap:
1 clean and jerk (135/95) (rx+ 185/125)
1 ring dip (rx+ ring mu's)
10 du's
2 c&j
2 ring dips/mu's
20 du's
3 c&j
3 ring dips/mu's
30 du's
5/5/50...etc, etc, etc..
*Ascending ladder for 20min