August CO-Athletes Of The Month Goes To...

Harriet Burns and Emily Mosely


We excited to announce these two besties for our first CO-Athletes of the month for August! Harriet started with us right after we opened up shop, and coerced Emily to join her shortly after.

They are both classic engine room CFers to their core. Find their scores near the top of the leaderboard for anything involving punishing runs, pullups, kettlebells swings, rows, and anything involving grit and determination. Also, both have been flying up the ropes these days!

They run together, do CrossFit together, and even drive each other home when a plate happens to fall on one's hand. Who wouldn't want a best friend like that? 

We asked Harriet and Emily a few questions about themselves and here is what they had to say:

1) What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? (And/or what else do you do for fitness besides CrossFit presently?)

"We have been running together in the early mornings for seven years now. During that time, we have mixed in a number of different cross-training strategies including swimming, yoga, personal training, Orange Theory, stationary biking, etc."

2) What do you spend most of your time doing outside of the gym?

"We are both full-time professionals (Emily in law and Harriett in medicine plus informatics) and full-time mothers so we stay pretty busy.  Emily also plays the flute and Harriett practices meditation regularly. Do you think we could live anywhere else than in Chapel Hill?"

3) Tell us something about yourself we may not know.

"Did we mention Emily plays the flute? Aside from that, she has a dog, two cats, and 10 fish. Harriett is a huge Prince fan and had the chance to see him at his studies when she was in college at Macalester in Minnesota. In his honor, she is hoping to start treating opioid addiction in 2019."

4) What got you started in CrossFit?

"Harriett noticed the gym when she was walking to lunch one day from her office last fall. Since there was not a sign - it took her a little while to  figure out what number to call, but once contacting Morgan it all fell into place. Since we both agree that we need to pay someone to help us do exercise other than running and it's so close to our houses - it was easy to recruit Emily."

5) What's your biggest accomplishment at CFCH so far?

Emily: "Doing a power clean fluidly."

Harriett: "Doing a rope climb fluidly."

6) What's your biggest non-fitness accomplishment?

Emily: "Having two kids."

Harriett: "Having two kids." 

7) What fitness goal are you currently chasing?

Emily: "Being able to continue to put my carry-on in the overhead bin without assistance."

 Harriett: "Being able to pour off any/all contents from my cast-iron skillet with one hand."

8) What life goal are you currently chasing?

Emily: "Peace."

Harriett: "I'd love to go on an extended meditation retreat someday."  

9) What is your favorite CrossFit movement of workout?

Emily: "Kettle-bell swings."

Harriett: "Double unders."

10) What movement/workout makes you cringe to see on the board?

Emily: "200 meter farmer carry (just sayin')." 

Harriett: "Workouts with high reps of push-ups." 

11) What's your favorite thing about CFCH?

"We love the community spirit and familiar, enthusiastic faces so early in the morning."

12) What long term plans do you have in the realm of health and fitness?

Emily: "Doing another half marathon."

Harriett: "Keep up my Tarheel 10 Miler streak."

13) What or who is an inspiration to you?

"Each other, our families, and the walking groups of ladies at all ages we see in our neighborhood."

14) Which band/station/playlist is your favorite to really get you pumped up at the gym?

"Prince and Beyonce."