September Athlete of the Month Is......

Josh Ellis!


Josh started CrossFit with us about a year and a half ago with little body awareness, limited core strength, and with RX weights pretty out of sight.  What he did have was an engine you wouldn't believe and unyielding determination to hit all the workouts RX every time. I remember one of the first few classes he took of mine he said, "I'm going to get a muscle up".

He came to class religiously, even being crazy busy in med school and even when he was the only one that showed up (because you know...O2 ;-) ). He didn't care, he just got after it. He worked his technique, he worked his weaknesses, he crushed everyone at the rowing and running workouts (still does), started bumping up his weights, and is now one of our awesome RX athletes. Can he do a muscle up now? You bet. He can do multiples on the bar and the rings. 

He's a great athlete, great friend, always shows up with a positive attitude and ready to throw down, and we are super lucky to have him (AND his equally as awesome fiance Danielle) as part of the CFCH community! 

We asked Josh a few questions about himself and here is what he had to say:

1) What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? (And/or what else do you do for fitness besides CrossFit presently?)

I always played a lot of sports like soccer, volleyball, tennis, and cycling. I currently enjoy schooling the undergrads in intramurals with my med school classmates! 

2) What do you spend most of your time doing outside of the gym?

I’m on rotations now for medical school so an average day for consists of clinic all day, an evening Crossfit class, and then studying and sleeping (sometimes at the same time…) 

3) Tell us something about yourself we may not know.

I grew up in Japan for 8 years and Germany for 6 years! My parents work for a bible translation company.

4) What got you started in CrossFit?

I never knew anything about it until some classmates brought me to a free trial week and I was hooked. After getting busier (and slower) over the past couple of years, I really see the value of having a coach craft a workout and lead you through it. 

5) What's your biggest accomplishment at CFCH so far?

Stringing together muscle-ups after being stuck on them for months. 

6) What's your biggest non-fitness accomplishment?

Convincing my soulmate/swolemate to marry me! (Shout-out to DJ - I wouldn’t have stuck with Crossfit if it wasn’t for you, boo) (That made my eyes wet)

7) What fitness goal are you currently chasing?

I want to improve my snatch - I’ve been stuck on the same 1RM for a while and am grateful for the coaches who have helped me improve my fundamentals. Here’s to PR-ing this cycle! 

8) What life goal are you currently chasing?

To decide what path I want to follow in the medical field. 

9) What is your favorite CrossFit movement of workout?

I love the metcons that involve light barbells (or even better, no barbells) and lots of movement. 

10) What movement/workout makes you cringe to see on the board?

Thrusters. They never get easier. 

11) What's your favorite thing about CFCH?

I love the coaches! I’m happy to have people I know leading me through the movements and helping me improve. They always know the right time to either encourage me and give some advice or yell at me to keep going. 

12) What long term plans do you have in the realm of health and fitness?

I would love to stay the same weight throughout my life and avoid all of the chronic diseases that are associated with lack of health and fitness. Ideally, I’ll still be doing Crossfit for years even when I’m old and grey like Charlie! 

13) What or who is an inspiration to you?

I’m inspired by God for making the human body so incredible. I’m always amazed that, with some training, people are able to deadlift 2x their body weight, benchpress their body weight, etc. 

14) Which band/station/playlist is your favorite to really get you pumped up at the gym?

Anything except the heavy metal that some of the coaches play (*cough* MIKE). 

Morgan Farris