Monday 1/21/19


1) HS Walk Skill Practice  

Warmup: Wrist and Shoulder Prep

Scaled: 0:50 accumulated HS Holds
Rx: wall walk until all the way against the wall, then 24 shoulder taps
Rx+ HS Walk 2 lengths, but try to get at least halfway per attempt or start that portion over.
if that's too difficult, then don't restart, just keep moving forward

2) Hang power clean movement prep/warmup weights, then 

max hang power cleans (135/95) (Rx+ 155/105)
*every time the bb is dropped, run 200m*

*you cannot rest bent over with the bar sitting in the hips (we've learned)
*if you rest more than 5 seconds holding the bar without doing any cleans, you must drop it and run.
Score is total hang power cleans completed

3) Scaled: 4x28 hollow rocks
Rx: 4x38 hollow rocks
Rx+: 4x6 strict toes to bar with 6 sec descend on each rep (toes pointed and knees straight)

Morgan Farris