Thursday 10/10/19


1) MU/PU Progressions

4 Rounds:
5 banded ring transitions
5-8 strict pullups (pull as high as possible, use band if needed but the least assistance possible)
5-8 full range of motion bar dips (use band if needed for full ROM)

Advanced: CompTrain Gymnastics Conditioning
4 Sets for Time:
1 Strict Ring Muscle-up
2 Strict Ring Dips
2 Kipping Ring Muscle-ups
2 Kipping Ring Dips

Rest as needed between sets/reps. Score is total time. Try to complete each full set unbroken but don't have to. If you fail the MUs (maximum of 3 times), stop attempting them and continue with Intermediate work for rest of session.

2) AMRAP 10:
10/7 bike cals
10 power cleans (115/75)
7 hspus


Morgan Farris