Wednesday 6/26/19


1) MU Strength Progressions

Knees to elbows 6x12
*This is both skill and strength work. The skill is perfecting the kip with a big backswing, no break
in the legs. The strength is midline stabilization work and lat strength by getting your torso far back
behind the bar

Advanced: Strict + Kipping Chest to Bar Pull Up Complex
5 Sets
Rest 2-3 Minutes Between Sets

5-10 quality strict pull ups. Only start using a gymnastics kip when you are 1 rep shy of complete failure.
do not start kipping too soon. Do NOT use a butterfly kip - only a gymnastics kip. Beat your performance from 2 weeks ago.

2) AMRAP 10:
15 unbroken wall balls
10 unbroken burpees

*Rest 5min*

15 ub russian kb swings
10 ub burpees