Friday 7/12/19


1) HS Progressions

a) Wrist warmup and stretch

b) EOMOM 10 (all levels):
Scaled: wall walk as high as possible on wall (try to get nose to wall), hold for 0:35

Intermediate: wall walk up to nose to wall (as close as possible), then complete 32 HS shoulder taps

Advanced: wall walk up to nose to wall, then complete 10 HS *hip* taps (maintain control)Note: Maintain hollow body position throughout. We are working to improve our ability to hold handstands. for some of you this is getting closer to HSPUs, for others it is to building the strength and body control to improve HS walks. much like MU progressions, these skills must be practiced consistently. we won't make progress with only once per week!

2) 200/160 Cal Row
*Every 2 minutes (excluding 0), perform 1 lap farmer's carry (53/35) (Rx+ 70/53)
20 min time cap

3) Plank Tabata:

8 rounds of :20 work/:10 rest

Morgan Farris