Thursday 9/12/19


1) Muscle Up/Pull Up Progressions

Knees to elbows 6x10
*This is both skill and strength work. The skill is perfecting the kip with a big backswing, no break
in the legs. The strength is midline stabilization work and lat strength by getting your torso far back
behind the bar. Can break up the reps to get to 10, make sure they are high quality.

6 Rounds:
7 big kips on rings (straight legs, bring belly button to rings)
5 kipping ring dips (focusing on energy efficiency: popping up to elevate, not kicking downward)

2) For time:
4 laps db oh lunge (2x50/2x35)
40 db box step ups
40 c2b pull ups
4 laps db oh lunge (2x50/2x35)

Cap: 15 min

Morgan Farris