12 Days of Christmas WOD!!!!!


1) 4x8 Bent over rows (same weight as last week)
Complete during rest periods:
3x8 Bent knee hip extensions w/ KB on GHD machine

2) 12 Days of Christmas! (Not with a partner...I know, I know it's not right on a Saturday. But the workout is still so fun and we can cheer all our buddies on while we workout.) 

Workout is to be completed like the song! For example, 1 rope
climb. Then 2 hspus, 1 rope climb. Then 3 Bx jump overs,
2 hspus, 1 rope climb, etc!

1 rope climb or MU
3 box jump overs
4 dips
5 pull ups
6 deadlifts (135/95) (rx+155/105)
7 wall balls
8 burpees
9 cal row
10 GHD Sit Ups
11 walking lunges
12 cleans (135/95) (rx+155/105)