First Edition CFCH Newsletter! - July 2017


Hey Team! 


HAPPY JULY!! Welcome to the first edition of our 2017 CFCH Newsletter! (Thanks to Coach Haley for the idea). We're going to try to put these bad boys out every month so we can keep you updated on our latest and greatest events and announcements. Ch-Check it out! 



  • Don't forget our July Promo! - When you refer a friend to CFCH and they sign up, you'll receive $100 to Fleet Feet for all your new workout gear needs! Let us know when you plan to bring a in a friend for their first intro class! 
  • Thank you to everyone for your new shirt order! They should be arriving in the next couple weeks, so we'll keep you posted when they get in. 
  • July 29th is CrossFit Night at Sahlen's Stadium at WakeMed Soccer Park, where NCFC will be playing Puerto Rico FC. Tickets are being sold at a discounted price, and the gym with the most members in attendance wins a prize!  The winning gym merchandise coupons for ALL attendees, discounted tickets to a future match, and the chance to perform a WOD during halftime of the match. More info and ticket purchasing here:

July Birthdays:

  • Clark Dickens - July 12
  • Alexis Ryan - July 25
  • Michael Essman - July 25

Newest Members:

  • Colton Alexander
  • Andrew Morton
  • Sophia Bhalla
  • Caitlin Beakes


Make sure you introduce yourself and say hello! 


Member Spotlight: 

Charlie Wilson!

We're going to try and get back on this Athlete of the Month thing, so after almost a year of Emily Glass being our AOM, we'd like to make a new member spotlight for Charlie Wilson! Though if I'm being completely honest, we asked Charlie to be our AOM back in December and his answers have been sitting in my inbox since. But we don't have to talk about that...

We asked Charlie (in December) a few things about himself, and here is what he had to say:

1) What did you do before CrossFit? "I did not do much.  I ran track and cross country in high school and have run on and off since then but would get bored or the weather would turn cold and I would stop.  I had never done any kind of weight lifting.  Right now other than CrossFit I run with my daughter, usually far behind my daughter."

2) What do you do when you're not at the gym? "Outside of CrossFit I work, drive my kids around and try to travel as much as possible with my family."

3) Tell us something we don't know about you.  " If people from the gym saw me at work and/or home they could see that I actually can be serious and am not a smart ass most of the time." (I don't believe it). 

4) What is your biggest fitness accomplishment? "I think my biggest accomplishment is getting into better shape than I have ever been.  I have lost about 30 pounds and realized there is a lot more to being fit than cardio endurance and running.  I never imagined I would be able to do a handstand pushup, toes to bar or any of the weightlifting movements that I have learned to do."

5) What is your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movement? I like wall balls.  I am better at anything that involves endurance and minimal coordination. Lead favorite are snatches or anything that involves getting weights over my head. 

6) Who or what is the biggest inspiration to you? "I think my biggest inspirations are my father and grandfather.  I run a 3rd generation family business and they both taught me the importance of hard work and always respecting and treating others fairly." 

7) What's your favorite workout playlist? " I am still listening to the same music I did in high school and college so I have no idea what I am listening to at the gym but it seems to keep my going.  I am still waiting for a Jimmy Buffett hour."

Monthly Recipe: 

For our first CrossFit monthly recipe, I present to you......Chorizo Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates! I bring these things to most of our potluck parties, and they are freaking. delicious. Also takes barely any time and is one of the easiest things you'll ever make. Try 'em out sometime!


That's all for now! Keep kicking butt and we'll see you in class! 

Morgan Farris