Housekeeping Golden Rules!


WARNING: Boring blog post that no one is going to want to read but that everyone SHOULD read, so we can keep a safe and tidy workout space. :-D

We wanted to go over a few housekeeping "Golden Rules" we'd really like to start implementing:

1) Please please always remember to clean up your own equipment. Bands, ab mats, barbells, kettle bells, etc. Class sizes are growing and equipment lying around can make the gym feel real messy, real fast. Also make sure you're wiping down your equipment after every use. I'm 100% guilty of not doing this and promise to do better. BUT no one wants to do sit ups on your sweaty ab mat (or mine) from the class before. 

2) The 10 and 15 pound plates are really bouncy. The wall we built is easily penetrable (If winter were coming, our a**es wouldn't last a minute). If you are using the 10's and 15's, please workout on the floor space closest to the box/barbell side of the gym. If there is no available space on that side, please put your barbell parallel to the drywall so it won't bounce into it. 

3) Barbell Etiquette - Reminder to please NEVER drop an empty barbell ever. If you're using or warming up with just the barbell, set it down on the ground gently, so as not to hurt the barbell. The barbell is your baby. Don't hurt your baby. Also, as mentioned above, since the 10 and 15 pound plates are so bouncy, please try not to drop those when they are on your barbell either. 

4) Bathroom Etiquette - Guess who has two thumbs and has to clean the bathrooms now? THIS GIRL! If you make a mess in/on the toilet or toilet seat, please clean it. If you throw a paper towel in the trashcan and it lands on the floor, please pick it up and put it in the trash can. 'Nuff said. 

5) Chalk Etiquette - Guess who has two thumbs and has to clean the floors now? THIS GIRL! I know chalk is going to get all over the floor daily, BUT if we can *try* to keep it in the buckets as much as possible, you will make me as happy as a bird with a french fry (correction: as happy as ME with a french fry). If you take a piece of chalk out of the bucket to use during a met con, then put it in a spot away from your foot so it won't get stepped on and smeared around the floor like a pile of dog poo. Then remember to put it back in the bucket when you're finished with the workout. 

I know everyone does a good job of these things already, so let's continue keeping our gym the nicest, safest, happiest gym it can be! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!