New Cycle Monday!! 4/2/18


Another new month, another new cycle! Here is a quick breakdown on what we'll be focusing on the next few weeks: 

Monday - Snatches!

Tuesday - Back Squats and Body building (summer is coming!) 

Wednesday - Clean and Jerks! 

Thursday - Olympic lifting accessories

Friday - Foundations & Strong Person Fridays! 

We're super pumped with all the PRs that went down last week - let's keep it going during this new cycle!! 

AAAAAAAND now for your Monday WOD: 

1) EMOM 4:
2 Squat Snatches
Rest 2 min
EMOM 4: 1 Squat Snatch

2) AMRAP 15:
5 snatches (95/65)
1 muscle ups (rx+3 mu's)

Scale: 5 snatches (45/35)
5 jumping pull ups
5 knee push ups

3) Core Cash Out:
4x24 Hollow Rocks

Morgan Farris