Saturday Squad WOD!

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Don't forget to stick around after class today for our first Nutrition Seminar, starting at 11:30am! Free for all members and $10 for all non members! 

1) 3 rounds:

10/10 Single KB Split Squats
10/10 Single arm KB sit ups

2) Teams of 3:
7 rounds:
3 g2oh (155/105) (scale: 95/65) (each does 3)
10 synchro burpees


800m farmers carry (scale: 400m) (one person holds kbs and partners walk with. must all hold kb's at least once.)


7 rounds:
7 c2b pull ups (scale: jumping pull ups) (each)
4 front squats (155/105) (each does 4)

Morgan Farris