Tuesday 8/13/19


1) Mikko's Triangle style
Alt EMOM 25:
Min 1: bike cals
Min 2: toes to bar
Min 3: box jump overs
Min 4: burpees
Min 5: Rest

*Choose a set amount of reps as a target for each round, each round - go for 8-18 reps each station.
Must attempt the SAME NUMBER OF REPS for each station, report the the lowest number of reps you managed to complete across ALL rounds.
For example, if you completed 13 bike cals but only 10 burpees, your score is 10. Or if you managed to complete 12 reps for each station the first three rounds, then fell to 10 in the final two rounds, your score is 10!

2) After Party

3 rounds:
6 reps + :10 hold Pallof Press
10/10 KB side bends