Thursday 8/15/19


1) HS Walk Progressions

Scaled: Alt EOMOM 10:
Min 0-2) Perform the following box HS walk drill, crawling in semicircle around and back (
Min 2-4) Accumulate :40 hs hold on wall

Intermediate: 10 min for quality, Practice HS walking into the wall, start from very close (5 ft or less) and gradually increase starting distance away from wall.

Advanced: EOMOM 10:
Complete 15 goblet squats (62/44) plus 1 length HS walk. Make transition to walk as fast as possible.

2) Comptrain "Broken Road"-ish
5 rounds:
15 american kb swings (53/35)
35 double unders

Directly into:

5 rounds:
20 ab mat sit ups
200m run

Morgan Farris