The Application of CrossFit to Sports


Many people find CrossFit after playing other sports. However, we believe that CrossFit has much to offer athletes who are either preparing for their season or actively competing. Better fitness translates to better performances on the field, when the body is tired and players' technique or decision making becomes sloppy. Adding a few classes a week of CrossFit as a supplement to your current workout program, will make you faster, stronger, jump higher, and be more physically confident than ever to dominate game day. 

Here is what we believe is the application of CrossFit to sports training:

CrossFit is a high-intensity functional fitness program that is designed as a balanced strength and conditioning program to improve fitness, strength, and athleticism all at the same time. We move weights, but we move them quickly, we move them for high reps, and we perform athletic movements under fatigue. One of our key metrics is improving the athlete’s power output: doing more work in less time. Most sports are contests in which athletes perform high-power movements (e.g. jumps, sprints, throws) repetitively throughout their match. These repetitive movements are important to strengthen, but they can also lead to imbalances over time. CrossFit aims to develop an athlete’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP), which is another way of saying balanced athleticism. Building aerobic capacity while providing full-body functional strength training will give athletes the fitness level they need to perform to the best of their abilities as well as the balance to prevent injuries over the long term.