Tuesday 7/16/19


1) HS Walk Progressions:

a) Wrist warmup and stretch

b) EOMOM 10 (all levels):

Scaled*: wall walk as high as possible on wall (try to get nose to wall), hold for 0:40

Intermediate: wall walk up to nose to wall (as close as possible), then complete 36 HS shoulder taps

Advanced: wall walk up to nose to wall, then complete 14 HS *hip* taps (2 second hold on each hand)

*To gauge level in these wall walk progressions, once we are able to complete multiple sets of 1min holds against the wall, then we should be ready to begin shoulder taps.

2) 3 rounds:
15 thrusters (115/75)
15 t2b
15/12 cal bike

3) Midline

3 Rounds:
30 Hollow Rocks (adv: 45)
15-20 GHD Hip Extensions (adv: weighted)

Morgan Farris